At LUMIRA, our desire is to create a considered and inspiring environment for our customers. This also extends to the working environments of our staff and suppliers, and to the world at large. We seek to create sustainable growth through a respect for people and the environment, both now and into the future.

Every day we are inspired by the beauty of the natural world, celebrating it through the art of scent. In keeping with this ethos, our business is guided by principles of sustainable production and an ethical commitment to human rights.

We are proud to adhere to these principles and choose to work only with suppliers, partners and employees who make a similar commitment.


Environmental awareness

Responsible production: We believe in making environmentally conscious decisions when sourcing both our raw materials and the vessels that house them. Our candles use only natural vegetable (soy) wax, which has a cleaner burn and less smoke compared with many other wax types. The beautiful essential oils that give each candle and perfume oil its unique scent are all ethically sourced. Our suppliers have their own Responsible Sourcing Policies that set high standards for health and safety, environmental, business integrity and social practices.

We use a coloured through glass, which is 100% recyclable. We also encourage our customers to reuse LUMIRA glass candle jars as chic vessels around the home or office. All cardboard packaging and materials are 100% recyclable.

Business operations: Our head office in Sydney, Australia, recycles all possible materials, and has substantially reduced its amount of single-use plastic.  

Respect for human rights

We take our ethical responsibility to human rights very seriously. We are committed to the following principles, and will only partner with suppliers and business who can make a similar commitment.

  • No child labour and no forced labour of any kind, including slavery or human trafficking;
  • All employee working hours must be within the legal limits for the relevant state or country;
  • Employees will face no discrimination during or after hiring;
  • All employees must receive at least a minimum wage, plus any overtime or penalty rates that apply in that state or country;
  • All staff have a right to expect a safe and clean working environment;
  • Where required, any safety gloves, goggles and protective clothing will be supplied to staff at no cost to them;
  • Staff will be fully trained and equipped to perform their roles, including operating any machinery;
  • Employees have the right to join a union, and may not be penalised for their decision to join or not join, consistent with local laws in that state or country. 


LUMIRA is actively committed to the environment via our ongoing collaboration with the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. Under this three-year scheme, which began in 2018, we pledge to create candles inspired by the beauty and wonder of the Gardens, including Florescence by Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. Proceeds from each candle are donated directly to the Garden, to support the essential science and conservation work being done by Royal Botanic Gardens around the world, an important mission that is very close to our hearts.